About Us

Candles By Rianna


Hello and Welcome to my website!My name is Rianna and I am personally making all these beautiful candles using organic soy/beeswax, care and love. 
Our candles come in a wide selection of beautiful and stylish designs and we offer scented versions as well (Have you hosted our shop yet?).
All candles are handmade and there might be some tiny imperfections on them.There may be small chips on it, and patterns in the form of cracks, which gives it a vintage look. As the candle is made of pure and soft soy wax blended with beeswax it can change its shape if you hold it in your hands for a long time.You can use the candles as decorations which will create cozy atmosphere wherever you light them up.
Please note, it takes about 5-9 days to prepare each order before sending it. 
I would be delighted to receive your feedback. Any suggestions are also welcome!
Thank You for supporting my small business.